May. 20th, 2013

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Lots going on over here. I can't believe that May (which is Spring term here) is just as busy as Jan-Apr (which is Winter term). I am on the bounce ALL THE TIME.

Except for yesterday when I spent all day reading novel-length K/S. That was a delightful aberration.

We went to see the new movie the other night, and I have mixed feelings. I'm a long-time fan and have no aversion to references to TOS, but I would have liked to see them do something new with the plot instead of poorly recycling what's already been done. They had such a great cast. Why not do something thought-provoking and amazing? I wasn't fond of the dedication at the end either. Ah well. I plan to see it again and think more on it. In the meantime, my FirstBorn has been walking around the house all week saying, "I'm better... at everything." Hahaha. NOT the intended message of the film, I think, but there's a limit on mind-controlling fangirls.

I'm trying to get my paper together for the grad research network at Computers and Writing, and it is slow-going. I'm also working off volunteer hours for a summer internship by cleaning up the WordPress site for the Linguistics Summer Institute. Or, I will be once I figure out the file hierarchies. I'm all over WordPress, but they have a customized template, and I'm afraid of breaking/misplacing links. It's a little more complicated than what I've done with WP before.

I also just got hired as a - I don't know what you'd call it - a production manager, I guess, for a new digital press that's trying to get off the ground. I'm going to coordinate submissions and review processes and supervise a cohort of grad students posting content to the blog portion of the site. It's a new position, so we don't know really what all I'll be doing. It's exciting and a bit stressful.

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow to show her what I know about DreamWeaver (which is precious little).  How did I get on all these tracks with such steep learning curves? I need an 80's movie montage to take care of all this.

I am not finding all the time and motivation I need to get all the things done.

My son got suspended from school for the rest of the year for picking up an exact knife from our driveway and taking it to school. He showed it to a friend, and it got reported as a fight. It's kind of a ridiculous situation all around, and it means that I have to figure out what to do with him all day while I'm trying to get things done. Frustrating. Of course, left to his own devices, he will watch Eddie Izzard and Red Dwarf all day. Educational?

In positive news, my daughter's MRI showed that there has already been some slight shrinkage of her AVM. The doctors were not expecting to see any difference this soon (we're one year from the first gamma knife procedure), so they were quite astonished and hopeful.


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