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 I am committed to writing 50 words a night on a particular project, and I get home tonight from a fabulous dinner (and too much to drink) with [personal profile] melusina and [personal profile] girlpearl  to find that my FirstBorn needs to make a quiche for extra credit in French tomorrow! She's slaving away on the translation for the recipe that I can't even begin to follow because I don't have the ingredients! I tell her to take out the bacon and put in spinach and no one will know about the rest, and now I have a quiche in the oven and nothing written. FirstBorn is going to bed now, BetterHalf and Pippin are asleep, and I guess I will try to scribble a bit even though now I feel all out-of-whack.

Stupid school and stupid extra credit! I can't wait until the school year is well and truly over!

In other news, I had high panic today over insurance coverage changes dealing with graduate school and shifting scheduling for the second go-around. UCSF wanted to do FirstBorn's second procedure on August 7th, which really didn't work for me, and I was pretty down trying to reconcile myself to not being there for the second procedure and EVERYBODY missing Pippin's birthday as a result of being scattered between Austin , Ann Arbor, and San Francisco on August 8th. After a few hours, they emailed back to say that the 21st would work, which is much, much better all around. Insurance coverage changes are still a bit worrisome, but I have a temporary plan that would get us through the August procedure at least.

24 minutes 'til the quiche is ready.
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